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Panne mondiale sur Skype

Panne mondiale sur Skype .

On peut lire sur le site :

Notre système connaît présentement des difficultés et il se peut que vous éprouviez des problèmes de connexion.
Veuillez consulter nos Dernières nouvelles pour tous les détails.

Problems signing in to Skype

We are currently working extremely hard to ensure everyone trying to sign in to Skype can access their account and make calls. Our engineers are fixing the technical issue that caused this problem and more and more people are now able to use Skype once again.

If you are unable access your account at this time, we recommend that you try again later.

We sincerely apologise for this outage. We’re striving hard to get Skype fully back online as soon as possible.

For the latest updates, please see Skype Blogs.

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